Venice: Day 2

We stayed in a neighborhood of locals, artists, and students: Dorsoduro. Just a hop over the Grand Canal, it’s a less crowded, cheaper part of Venice. In the morning we found the neighborhood piazza. A farmer’s market was happening: Fresh flowers and produce on sale. Neighbors catching up with each other, older folks sunning in … Continue reading Venice: Day 2

Venice: Day 1

We made our way to Venice via train. The train ride from Florence is only 2 and 1/2 hours. We ended up sitting next to an older New Jersey couple on their 30th wedding anniversary trip through Italy. It was nice to exchange conversations about our travels thus far. After a pleasant ride we got … Continue reading Venice: Day 1

The Uffizi

Adjacent to the Piazza della Signoria you will find the Uffizi. A mecca for art history and art lovers alike, this museum is in my top five for art gallery experiences. Its doors opened to the public in 1769. Before then, it was a private gallery for the ruling family of Florence, their friends and guests. And before that, … Continue reading The Uffizi