The Saigon Beer Scene

During our traipsing through Asia we drank beers from Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Cambodia. They weren’t spectacularly complex in flavor or high in alcohol content, but still delivered the desired outcome when sitting sweaty on a balcony after a humid day of sightseeing. We hadn’t found any craft beer since going to a small bar in … Continue reading The Saigon Beer Scene

The Best Banh Mi

The Banh Mi sandwich originated in Saigon under French occupation during the mid 19th century. It’s a blend of French and Vietnamese staples: bread, pork sausage, coriander, cucumber, pickled carrots and daikon, pâté, jalapeño, and mayo. These are the “standard” but we saw and ate many banh mis that included different ingredients. One time a woman cracked an … Continue reading The Best Banh Mi

Dinner At SPOONS

Our final night in Siem Reap was spent at Spoons. We took a $3.00 tuk tuk and were delivered to a bamboo tree house-like building. It’s open air and the bamboo interior has just enough tables to make this place intimate but not overcrowded. Spoons is so much more than a restaurant. Spoons is run … Continue reading Dinner At SPOONS

Angkor Wat: Day 2

On this day I saw ancient, crumbling temples, the Hall of Dancers, and a dinosaur. Angkor Wat Temple My favorite part of Angkor Wat temple was seeing the interior hallways of columns and carvings. After the sunrise we headed into the temple to walk on the top floor of the structure. The views were amazing … Continue reading Angkor Wat: Day 2