The Birthday Book

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  1. I actually came across this book at Barnes and Noble a few days ago. It caught my attention but I didn’t think to grab it. Then I see this post, and there is that book again and you mentioned Barnes and Noble….hmmm welp that answers your last question. 🙂

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      1. First I have to thank Jen Kennedy for having brought me to this article through her latest post “what does your birthday say about you?”,
        and then you for also elaborating on William B. Yeat’s cycles of life I was not aware of – I knew the poet only as William Butler who was quoted by the occult school of the”servants of the light” I did attend for a while.
        As a child he supposedly saw his grandfather sliding a fallen down envelope magically back onto the table which got him hooked to occultism for the rest of his life.

        To my tremendous surprise the drawing you posted exactly coincides with a theory I myself came up with 25 years ago within a project for my studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

        In there I did map out the spiritual aspects of the 5 elements within a time construct similar to his,
        found out aspects which explain the difference between the young intuition of a child vs the cultivated spirituality of a mature person,
        and also explain why people must die, and why the current attempt of mainstream medicine won’t be able to prolong life indefinitely, but that we do reincarnate in cycles instead.

        The map I then drew did serve me as a unique soul-map of life until today and I actually did contemplate upon writing a book about it as soon as I am finished practicing to write by the means of my current blog about a spiritual project/experiment which should be completed in about 3 years time.

        So I am very grateful to you for having connected me to a like-minded view on life I will have to research more about so that first of all I won’t run into the accusation of having stolen from him, but instead maybe something even better will come out of my theory when incorporating what he has to say ! 🙏


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