Greyfriars Kirkyard: it’s “Bobby” and it’s “Tom Riddle”

During our last day in Scotland we decided to pop by a famous graveyard in Edinburgh – Greyfriars Kirkland. As we approached the graveyard we saw a tombstone outside the entrance to the gravesite. This tombstone marked the grave a Scottish Skye Terrier, known as the Greyfriar’s Bobby.  He was a dog who became famous … Continue reading Greyfriars Kirkyard: it’s “Bobby” and it’s “Tom Riddle”


Paul and I had our first day in London yesterday! We kept off the jet lag by drinking coffee and walking all over the city. We walked from the London Eye area over to Soho. On our way we stopped into a pub established in the 1430s. Talk about an old bar. The bar was … Continue reading London!